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Find out what Sandton Montessori Pre-school is all about. What is the Montessri philosophy, and how can this help your children. Want to join Sandton Montessori Pre-school? well check out our program and see if your child can be fitted in. Have a look at all the awesomeness of Sandton Montessori Pre-school.

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At Sandton Montessori Pre-School we are committed to offering the best possible education to our learners, in an environment that promotes respect for one another, care of their classroom and surroundings, courtesy and the ability to be self sufficient.

Our pre school environment is set up with great care using furniture and equipment that appeals to learners and encourages them to explore, touch, feel and learn in a fun and interactive way.

All our equipment and activities are designed to offer each learner a new challenge to master at their own pace, and these tasks build upon one another that ultimately builds confidence and independence in the child. These activities also promote self help skills, development of both gross and fine motor skills, social interaction and refinement of the senses.

At Sandton Montessori we have a unique blend of Montessori philosophy and traditional teaching methods that are incorporated into our curriculum, so as to facilitate an easy transition for learners moving on to traditional primary school.

Through all our activities we encourage learners to acquire a sense of “I can do this” and go from strength to strength, becoming more independant  and enhancing their self esteem. In addition to working alone they also do group activities, socialising and sharing experiences, thus learning what it takes to be part of a group. The whole child is nurtured placing equal value on their physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

Overall, the child's main work, is to become a productive adult. On entering a pre-school classroom during a free work period, one will observe each child busily working on their task amid a busy hum of activity. In the pre-school class, we allow the child freedom of movement and freedom of choice of materials. Once shown how to do an activity, the child is free to choose and to repeat it as often as they want. This freedom helps the child develop a love of learning, respect for self and others, and a healthy self-confidence. The child also develops a sense of inner discipline from having to direct their own movements. Each child works at his or her own pace, with the child's own developmental level setting the only limits on achievement.


"A child is liked soft clay that we shape according to our treatment of it - Maria Montessori"

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