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Find out what Sandton Montessori Pre-school is all about. What is the Montessri philosophy, and how can this help your children. Want to join Sandton Montessori Pre-school? well check out our program and see if your child can be fitted in. Have a look at all the awesomeness of Sandton Montessori Pre-school.
Our Montessori Environment

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Comfortable and attractive surroundings play a great role in creating the correct environment for learning. The design and flow of the Montessori classroom creates a learning environment that accommodates choice. There are spaces suited to group activity, and areas where a student can settle in alone. You won’t find the customary rows of school desks; rather children work at tables or on the floor, rolling out mats on which to work and define their work space.

There are well-defined spaces for each part of the curriculum, such as practical life, sensorial, maths, language and cultural. Each of these areas features shelves or display tables with a variety of inviting materials that learners can choose from to constructively start their work cycles in an organised manner which reinforces their independence and intellectual development.

We also have a library where a student can read or be read to.

Our toddler classroom along with its size appropriate furniture and bathroom are separate from the 3 to 6 year classrooms.

Both are colourful and warm and equipped with all the correct equipment to make learning fun. Each classroom is uniquely suited to the needs of its students. Above all, each classroom is warm, well-organized, and inviting to help learners feel calm and at home.



As with our indoor environment, the outdoor area for the toddlers and 3 to 6 year old are separated by a beautiful barrier of plants planted by both groups. Each playground has its own sandpit, jungle gym and swings. The 3 to 6 year playground has a wendy house and bicycle track, and both are set among lush grass covered gardens with plenty of large indigenous trees providing ample shade. Here learners are encouraged to run freely, develop vital gross motor skills and enjoy the wonderful outdoor environment that the school offers.

sandton montessori preschool exterior.sandton montessori preschool exterior.

sandton montessori preschool exterior.


"Free the childs potential and you will transform him into the world - Maria Montessori"

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